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How Neighborship Works Post your message into one of the numerous forums. They will also show up on the front page under "Recent Messages". Other users can now respond and follow the thread you started. Each participant can choose whether he wants to get notified by email if someone has added a new reply. Under account settings users can modify their settings or unsubscribe. Next to the option to subscribe to single threads and get notified immediatley after each new post, you also have the choice of customizing your email traffic in case you do not want to log into the site. Watch for the little truck   and subscribe to any forum of your interest.
Neighborship allows users to subscribe to: threads, accessible forums, and all accessible forums. Notifications can be sent: after each new thread or reply, and with a daily digest.

Review system of local services.

Create your own ad and place it in your community.

Search functions.

Your privacy is always protected.

Easy to use.