Thu, Feb 22 
  • Find your community, join and enjoy features you do not get anywhere else.
  • Be with your neighbors when you want to and choose the topics you are interested in.
Areas we currently serve in North Carolina.
  • ... is a new way to communicate with your neighbors. It is private, safe and fun to use!
  • Your community is a part of the whole, be in touch with neighbors surrounding you.
  • Be better informed about your municipality and develop more mindful connections by viewing information and discussions outside your community.

Why did we choose a new approach to online communities?

Traditional mailing lists and the group applications of the major players on the web are not well suited to integrate and to depict the complex communication needs within communities. We chose a different, more transparent approach and we hope that we can add features in the future as we learn from the Neighborship community. Thank you for telling your friends and neighbors!

Content is organized over various channels, discussions are structured, eliminating unnecessary redundancies and quoting. Announcements, recent activities in your community and within your city are displayed on the left panes.

Administering a community site is not mandatory. If desired, the operation is easy and does not require any special knowledge. We are glad to help if you should experience a difficulty.

Parents can access a Parent Network within their city. If you are for example interested in school discussions in the neighboring city, it only will take you one click to get you there! By choosing your favorite channels youi can customize your landing page.

Local small businesses enjoy a new affordable way to advertise their specials within neighborhoods, a welcome alternative to coupon sites. And here is another benefit: Communities will soon enjoy a new revenue stream.

Members can enter (recurring) events within their communities. Included is also a RSVP feature. City and community events for a whole week are summarized on the landing page.

Security alerts, challenging street conditions and criminal activity can be entered under the Alerts channel. Users can choose email notifications.

Neighbors can get in touch with each other by sending private messages. Hobbies and Interests can be shared. Sensitive information only can be viewed by the community administrator. If members decide to become friends they can view each others contact info.

Neighbors can now easily place their own ads into the right pane of your community page. Do you want to rent a room, do you want to sell tickets you cannot use or are you looking for a tutor for your child? The best of all: It is always free for neighbors! You can choose whether you want to see specials of local businesses.

Each community can set up its own website. Webdesign experience is not required. Because of the ease of use modifications and additions can be entered speedily. Old sites which nobody is updating anymore belong to the past!

We provide a review system which offers local services the option to get evaluated by members. Please, ask your favorite building, construction and repair companies to sign up with us. If a review should turn out to be less favorable, they will have the privilege to reply and address possible concerns. This system ensures fairness for everybody and up-to-date information for members.