Sat, Dec 16 
About Us

Our Mission

is to strengthen communities and enhance people's lives within their neighborhoods.


Are you interested in participating? We are interested in individuals who can add talent to our team. Your age is less important than your skills and your spirit.


Please, send your concerns, suggestions or praises to: help [at] . Your feedback and ideas are very important to us. Thank you!


iGeist LLC | 1402 Broad St. | Durham, NC 27705


Neighborship is dedicated to my children Sophia and Lukas and to my parents who still do not own a computer (but who are the happiest people I know) and who have never failed to give me their moral support during the time I developed this system. A big thank you goes to my friends Michael Kimsal and David Swanson who also believed in me and who have continiously assisted me with their valuable advice.

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